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Meet the Author

Multi award-winning children’s author Emily ‘Madge’ Payne comes from a small town called Beccles, in the Suffolk countryside. She has been writing short stories from a very young age, and in recent times has enjoyed success with her children’s series ‘The Poetry Princess’. After being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, aged 17, Emily has been motivated to write about childhood mental health issues, in order to help those who may find themselves in a similar situation.

Inner Buddy is Illustrated by Swampy….he’s a bit shy.


Inner Buddy Illustrator Swampy

About Inner Buddy

Let me introduce you to the secret weapon your child‛s anxiety doesn‛t want you to know about. Inner Buddy the multi award winning children’s book takes your child on an adventure to help them deal with the negative voice in their head called, Bad Manners. They will learn how to express and explore their different feelings through a variety of fun and engaging activities. Written like a journal, the story will help young readers to feel confident, and happier in themselves.

Inner Buddy Mission

We Are On A Mission

We want to reach as many children as we can in the UK and around the world. Helping, more children to discover their Inner Buddy and follow their intuition. Giving them tools to manage any situation in day-to-day life that they might be unsure of.

Inner Buddy Values

We Have Values

We want to help every child to live a happy and fulfilled life. Being able to follow their dreams and showing them, they are enough.

Inner Buddy Vision

We Have A Vision

To have a copy of Inner Buddy in every school across the UK, and eventually across the world. Having Inner Buddy given to children when they decide they would like help. Given to them by their Doctor, a Police Officer, or if they ever go into hospital.

Inner Buddy Reviews

Inner Buddy Heart

“An excellent book to support children who need to learn self kindness (research shows this is more important and longer lasting than, self esteem) . It is ideal to work through in chunks with an adult and then for them to have space to absorb the content. The illustrations are clear and friendly. The child I shared with really loved them.”

Amazon Customer

“My 9 year old daughter loved this book, espcially the cute illustrations and characters like ‘Unique’. the large colourful text makes it easy for kids to read and complete independantly. There is a good range of short written activities that promote gratitude, positive thinking and building resillience. highly recommended for kids that like reading!”

V Bennett
Amazon Customer

“A well written and thought out book in a great format. Really helped my son to organise his thoughts so he could then verbalize his issues. Highly recommend.”

P Sekenofsky
Amazon Customer

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